Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale in Guyana

Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale in Guyana

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Why Massey Ferguson Tractors ?

Guyana produces different kinds of crops such as sugar, rice, coconuts, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, etc. The agriculture sector in Guyana plays a vital role in the overall development and the economy of the country. The usage of modern farming machines like Massey Ferguson Tractors can support Guyana farmers in terms of saving labour costs and getting maximum outputs while increasing the productivity of the crops.

Massey Ferguson Tractors at Competitive Prices In Guyana

Massey Ferguson Guyana is supplying a world-renowned tractor brand in the local market of Guyana. We are one of the top suppliers and dealers of brand-new Massey Ferguson Tractors all around the world especially in Georgetown, Guyana. We have a wide variety of models such as Massey Ferguson 240, Massey Ferguson 260, Massey Ferguson 360, Massey Ferguson 375 and Massey Ferguson 385 (2WD & 4WD) ranging from 50 to 85 horsepower at affordable tractor prices in Guyana.

We are a manufacturer of modern farming tools and tractor implements such as disc ploughs, farm trolleys, boom sprayers, Hydraulic Tripping trailers, Mould Board Plough, and Offset Disc Harrows to get maximum output to save time and labour costs.


Farm Implements

Farm Implements

  • Agricultural Loader

    Agricultural Loader

    Agricultural Loader Specification Bucket Size 60″~66″ Lifting Height Max 132″ Control Valve 45ltr 2 Spool Valve Hose Pipe 6000PSl, Double Breaded Sleeve Steel Tube honed Rod Hard Chromed Carbon Steel Pump Tractor Pump Cylinder 4 (60mmx40mm) Seal V Type
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  • Bed Shape Planter

    Bed Shape Planter

    Bed shape Planter Specification FRAME: 50X50X6M BOX HITCH: 75X36X6MM LENGTH: 1520MM HEIGHT: 2240MM WIDTH: 2240MM APPROX WEIGHT: 470KGS
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  • Disc Plough

    Disc Plough

    Disc Plough Specification Available from 2-5 discs WEIGHT 550 WORKING WIDHTH 990MM WORKING DEPTH 250MM HEIGHT 1235MMh LENGTH 2130MM POWER REQUIRE 85HP ONWARDS
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  • Farm Trolley

    Farm Trolley

    Farm Trolley Specification Tractor Compatibility: Above 50hp Size: 13’X6’X2’ Axle Size: 4-1/2”X3/8” NO OF TIRES 2 to 4 WEIGHT 1000 – 1400 KGS
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  • Front Blade

    Front Blade

    Specifications Power Dozer to fit MF 240, 350 Plus, 260, 360, 375, 385 tractors Blade Model MT-08/1=6′ * 22″ -(Single ram) Model MT-08/2=6.5′ * 30″ (Twin ram)
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  • Landscape Rakes

    Landscape Rakes

    Specifications Operating Weight. 503 kg. Length. 1608 mm. Width. 1692 mm. Height. 1026 mm. Number of Teeth (Total) 384. Working Width. 1524 mm. Bucket Capacity. 0.34 m³
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  • Wheat Thresher

    Wheat Thresher

    Specifications No of Cutter 104-128 Height with Wheels 6’ Length of Drum 4.5’ – 5.5’ PTO Speed 540RPM Fuel Consumption 7-7.5l/hr Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above
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Modern Farming Technology

Tractor Implements

Along with providing top-quality tractors, we also excel in the provision of a diverse range of tractor implements in Guyana that will further fulfill all your farming needs.  The implements being offered for Massey Ferguson Tractors are of exceptional quality, with high durability, and high reliability. These implements can be attached to your Massey Ferguson Tractors and help perform tasks, including but not limited to prepping land to maintaining the agricultural land to harvesting the end crop.

Farming in old days were significantly different as compared to today’s modern farming. The technology has advanced notably, and the farming industry has completely changed. Farmers back then used animals and maximum human resources for basic agriculture tasks. In the modern world, many inventions and innovations has taken place which has given the farming industry a considerable boom. Farmers nowadays use these advanced machines and get maximum efficiency with a lot less human resources. Machines have been replaced animals, giving the farmers the to maximize their yield, save time and labor.



Needed a farm vehicle and they did a great job. Staff members were friendly and the process was quick. I highly recommend Massey Ferguson Guyana to farmers and dealers.
Chris Austin

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I really had such a wonderful experience with Massey Ferguson Guyana. They really helped me find a Massey Ferguson tractor and provide me with special discounted farm machinery for my farm.
Lewis Martin

CTO - C Company

Very good customer service and a very wide range of Massey Ferguson tractors and farm implements in Guyana at the lowest prices. Appropriate professional fantastic business place.
Prasad Gangadin

Creative Heads Inc